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Monday, April 11, 2016

acute stress disorder

Acute stress disorder is a disorder that comes after a traumatic event.
Some events that cause Acute stress disorders are rape, extreme physical assault, or a near death experience
Doctors will try to rule out other possibilities while diagnosing ASD.
Things doctors try to rule out are, drug abuse, other mental disorders, other health problems, and side affects to other medication.
One major  symptom is dissociation, which is detachment of the mind from emotions.
Other symptoms are generalized anxiety, avoidance, recurring  thoughts or visions of the event.
Treatment include medication and  psychological therapy.
You might  get hospitalized if they think you are at risk of suicide.
Many people who are diagnosed with ASD are later are diagnosed with PTSD.
The sooner you get help after a traumatic event the less likely you are to have ASD.

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